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Villa Arabella
Fr. Losana, 16,
27040 Mornico Losana,
Pavia, Italy.
Telephone +39 0383 892338.
Cell +39 348 341 9247
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A Gastronomic Experience!

Arabella and Paul are both excellent chefs and take pride in offering you a memorable culinary experience of local traditional recipes but also eclectic dishes from around the world. The repertoire is also based on family recipes handed down through the generations.
We will gladly share the culinary experience with our guests and decide together the choice of menu for each day. That is in itself an experience.



Breakfast: Start the Day in Abundance

Breakfast is normally served between 0730 and 0930.
A fully-cooked “English” breakfast is available for those who so wish, with eggs cooked to your liking.
We also offer freshly squeezed orange juice, brown and white bread/toast, crackers, homemade jams and marmalade, a selection of cheeses, fresh fruit, yogurt, coffee, tea or chocolate served with cream or milk.


Lunch: Your Wishes, Delivered Poolside

With prior notice at breakfast time, a light lunch can be served down at the pool if you just want to have a lazy day.
You can choose from, for example, pasta, a platter with cold cuts of prosciutto, famous local Salami of Varzi and Coppa, or a platter of mixed cheese.
You could also try Paul’s famously popular Club Sandwich or Fillet Steak sandwich.
The above is accompanied by a mixed salad and completed with homemade ice cream or fresh fruit.


Dinner: Slow Food was Invented in Italy

In the end a great meal is not only about food and wine. A great meal is an emotional experience.     

We try to make it an extraordinary one by creating a beautiful place where we can care for you properly and just let you sit back and enjoy.
We select the freshest of ingredients sourced from “kilometre 0” which means that all our produce comes from the immediate vicinity.
To complete the experience, we will interact with you to select the menu that most appeals to your palate. We see it as a joint venture, so to speak, where you can participate to the full. Or, if you prefer we will surprise you.

Between the end of April and the end of September, Dinner is served outside in the loggia or down by the pool.
The price of a 3-course dinner is from €33 per person.

Food Gallery

Coffe ice cream.jpg Cotoletta-milanese-with-sal.jpg DSCF8337ok1.jpg DSCN0808.jpg Fish20and20Chips20640x4.jpg IMG_7206-1024x764.jpg LemonPieBig.jpg Piatto-pronto-piatto-giallo.jpg coppa.jpg img_1128.jpg photo17.jpg ravioli1.jpg spaghetti-al-pomodoro.jpg timballo-di-zucchine-e-mela.jpg zzzDSCN0810.jpg zzzTiramisu_in_a_cup_from_C.jpg zzzshort3.jpg

Villa Arabella,     Fr. Losana, 16,     27040 Mornico Losana, Pavia, Italy.    Telephone +39 0383 892338.   Cell +39 348 341 9247    Contact & Reservations
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