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Villa Arabella
Fr. Losana, 16,
27040 Mornico Losana,
Pavia, Italy.
Telephone +39 0383 892338.
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Wines of the region

The Oltrepò Pavese’s experience in wine making dates back to Roman Times. More recently, when the area was part of Piedmont and thus part of France, its wine heritage began to develop into what it is today.
Geography does lend a hand in making fine wine. The Oltrepò Pavese is situated on the 45th Parallel, at precisely the half-way point between the North Pole and the Equator, which also helps to explain why this area has cultivated grapes since ancient times. All the prerequisites and conditions for producing grapes of the highest quality are to be found here, on the lush and generous hills of the Oltrepò' Pavese. As if to confirm the viticultural vocation of this part of the province of Pavia, when seen from above, the area itself seems to be shaped like a bunch of grapes.

Pinot Noir is the wine “par excellence.”  Pinot Noir red wines range from the very young, fresh and fruity to the fine reserves, aged first in wood and then in the bottle, not seeing the light of day until 4-5 years have passed from the time the grapes were picked.

Spumante, the Italian word for Champagne, is another heritage handed down from times gone by. The “metodo classico” or classical method refers to exactly the same process used to make Champagne, and was introduced to this area in the early 1800s. Our local Spumante is made predominantly using Pinot Noir grapes or occasionally, with Chardonnay grapes, and in some cases from a mixture of the two.
Many more grape varietals complete the wine produced in the area. Low lying areas that are particularly sunny are preferred for red grape varieties: Merlot, Barbera, Shiraz, Croatina, Uva Rara, Moradella (native to the Oltrepò Pavese) and Cabernet Sauvignon are amongst the red grape varieties produced.

White grape varieties are planted on slopes exposed to the east, where there are greater differences in temperature. Riesling is another fine signature wine produced here and differs significantly from that produced in the Franco-German geography. It is dry as opposed to the fruity bordering on sweet aromas that prevail from the Rhine. Pinot Noir white wine is another fine white wine produced either in sparkling or still form. Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc complete the picture.

Wine Tasting

At Villa Arabella, we have selected the most interesting wines from the finest wineries. As there are over 500 wineries in the area, this has been quite a project!  The selection suits all tastes and pockets, with prices ranging from €11 to €53 per bottle.
Beyond our cellar, many more opportunities await for tasting. We would be happy to organize a visit to one or more of the wineries in the immediate vicinity where a tour is finished off with a tasting session.
The choice of winery will depend on which type of wine most excites your taste buds.

Stocking Your Own Wine Cellar

The visit to the Oltrepò Pavese gives you the opportunity to enrich your wine collection.
If you are travelling by car you may take the wine that you enjoy with you.
If you prefer, the wine can be shipped to you at preferential rates in special packaging to conserve the wine at its best during transport.
European Economic Community citizens can ship up to a maximum of 90 litres per person for personal consumption.

Villa Arabella,     Fr. Losana, 16,     27040 Mornico Losana, Pavia, Italy.    Telephone +39 0383 892338.   Cell +39 348 341 9247    Contact & Reservations
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